Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association - Turkey Antalya - Advance Group Training
Warrior is an ordinary man who lives in permanent state of mindfulness.Murat Kaplan
Quit living on assumptions and you will become happier. Murat Kaplan
Suspicious mind conjures its own demons.Anonymous
Stop living on assumptions and be much happier and more peaceful.Murat Kaplan
Martial arts do not tolerate weakness in any kind. You should train hard to cultivate a strong heart, a strong mind and a powerful body.Anonymous
The more brute force a Wing-Chun practitioner uses, the more unrefined the art within.Murat Kaplan
Martial Arts are not for violence or correcting others; they are for peace and correcting your own mind and soul.Martial Arts Saying
If you give a damage to your partner during a combat training, it is not your skill; it is your great weakness.Anonymous
Learning the techniques without developing the skills will never bring any accomplishment.Wing Chun saying
Persistent attacks will surely gain you entry. Staying on the defensive too long will surely get you into trouble. Wing-Chun saying
Pass on the tradition. Preserve the Chinese art and rules of conduct.From `Wing-Chun Rules of Conduct`
Destroying the opponent`s center line will control his bridge. Wing Chun saying
To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.Confucius
Develop a good foundation for advanced techniques." From `Wing-Chun Kuen Kuit`

2016 Wing-Chun Seminar


GM Samuel Kwok paid a visit to Antalya, Turkey in early March 2016. 

During his stay in Antalya, GM Kwok visited several official institutions and gave intervies to local and national press. 

On March 5-6th, 2016 GM Kwok gave a Ip Man Wing-Chun and Kwok Family Qigong seminar at the Chinese Culture and Healthy Life Associaton, the HQ of Ip Man Wing-Chun SKMAA Turkey Family under Sifu Murat Kaplan and his son Sifu Abay Alperen Kaplan. 



Kwok Sifu 2016 Seminar